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FF Workout, Fitness, Gym Log

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  • Global rating 4.4 (236 ratings)
  • Editor framefever
  • Installations 50 000 - 100 000
  • Update
  • Category Health & Fitness
  • Version / Size 1.5.6 / 4,5M


FitFrame provides you a professional workout logbook system, which can be adjusted individually to your wishes, needs and standards. You can log especially your exercise-based sports performance such as weight training as well as distance-based activities and body data all within one app. For every type of sport you can create an individual log matrix or modify existing integrated note-book templates for weight lifting, running, body data, gym sessions etc. Many features like workout planner, built-in exercises, quick selection via favourites, log auto-fill support, calorie calculator, record notification etc. support you in an intuitive way when logging.

Feature list:
* expandable exercise database with replaceable thumbnails, levels of difficulty, information on physical strain, color coding, video access
* manage workout programs and routines like circle, pyramid or goal training
* log auto-fill support with historical training values after exercise selection (comfortable protocol pre-filling)
* quick selection via favourites, filters and groups
* quick overview of the latest performance of an exercise when logging
* manage notifications of exercise records or individual goals and limits
* monitor and evaluate progress on statistics or charts by using multiple filters and presentation options
* cross-comparison, for example comparison, analysis and interpretation of sports performance and results with body data
* create and configure individual note-books for activities, personal body data and general things
* add and edit log parameters of the books
* share training results on Facebook
* customizable look
* sync app data between devices
* additional extras such as stopwatch, BMI calculator, unit converter, music playlist connection
* privacy policy: no registration necessary, no sensitive Android permissions, no transmission of personal data

Multiple-record system
* multiple note-book system with recording features for exercise-based sports (such as weight lifting, bodybuilding or cross training) and optionally position tracking features for distance-based activities (such as running or cycling)
* use built-in workout logbook templates for bodybuilding, gym, jogging, cardio, inline skating, aerobics, body measurements, sleeping behavior, etc.

Optional Features for Outdoor Sport Diaries
* goal training on distance, time, calories
* audio feedback for status information during active workout programs as well as intermediate results in GPS mode
* optimized calorie consumption notification with intensity level classification in consideration of the user profile
* analyzable maps with colored routes to indicate speed differences

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What's new

All news on the fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/fitframeapp
- added cloud synchronisation to transfer your app data to a new device or to sync your data between different devices



FF Workout, Fitness, Gym Log FF Workout, Fitness, Gym Log FF Workout, Fitness, Gym Log FF Workout, Fitness, Gym Log FF Workout, Fitness, Gym Log FF Workout, Fitness, Gym Log

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